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Hi all,

Matt here, Chief Scientist at AK.  Here at AK we are surrounded by massive amounts of data.  Obviously we aren’t unique in this way, data is the new revolution and data scientists are the leaders of this revolution.  Our approach to leadership in this space is to devise new technologies specific to our industry and apply both new and existing approaches to the ingestion and digestion of data.  It’s extremely exciting to be at the forefront of this revolution at a company where data is our core competency.

In this vein I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to be a great data scientist and what it means to build a team capable of handling the typical tasks on a daily basis.  This document from O’Reilly does a pretty good job of describing data scientists and the data science “ecosystem”.  I particularly like the sentence: “[Data scientists] can think outside the box to come up with new ways to view  the problem, or to work with very broadly defined problems: ‘here’s a lot of data, what can you make from it?'”

In the upcoming blog posts we will show you the different ways that our team ‘makes’ stuff from our data.


  1. Mohammed Al-Adeeb says:

    Great overview on Data Science!

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