The Myth of Clouds

CloudsOver the last few years, people like us have been fighting off the “forces that be” to move everything into a public cloud. The belief is that if you move your software stack into a public cloud you will no longer need to worry about such tedious tasks as capacity  planning, capital expenditures, and staffing of a service delivery team.  You will just magically have a 100% uptime for your product.

One of the other myths that is particularly concerning to me is that  public clouds remove the requirement to have industry experts in networking, systems, and data on hand. You will change your process and product to fit inside of their systems. Today’s problems around real-time analytics and massively large data sets have grown larger than what fits inside of conventional thought, and sadly cloud computing has become a conventional thought for many in the Internet services world.


  1. Your myth directly translates over to us in Eng. For example, I run into developers all of the time who now believe that because the web frameworks handle threading that they no longer need to know anything about how threads interact because “the container takes care of that for me”. Then the first thing that they do is create an object that the container shares between threads and everything gets non-deterministic and wacky bugs start to appear.

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